Google Moves To Deprecate Structured Data Testing Tool

Google updates are designed to make life easier for both users and business owners specifically. Announcements on the recent upgrade of its Rich Results Test to support all of its rich results features is definitely a welcome development.

Is this upgrade something to be excited about? We have taken out time to provide you with the best information, let’s dive into the interesting details.

With the roll-out of this new upgrade, the user will be able to discover and highlight specific information when a search query is made and displayed, easier and faster.

As every good business structure should be, quality user experience is a very important element to maintain and improve upon. The importance of testing structured data and displaying detailed and accurate information cannot be overemphasized.

So…what’s new?


Now that it’s official, Google will finally be moving the Rich Results Test out of its beta stage. In the light of these latest developments, although the old structured data testing tool can still be “usable”, it’s upgraded version would be a better choice and it will be supported across all Google search platforms.

As recommended by Google, getting acquainted with the Rich Results Test tool will be a great boost to achieving even better results.

As highlighted by Google, there are a number of benefits of utilizing the Rich Results Test over the structured data testing tool, some of them include:

  • Dynamically loaded structured data markups are processed and displayed efficiently.
  • The Rich Results Test integrated with Google Search Console reports.
  • With the markup provided by you, Rich Results Test to display the best search feature enhancements.
  • Results can be displayed seamlessly on both mobile and desktop devices.

The Rich Results Test has come a long way. When the Rich Results Test was first introduced, its support for structured data was quite streamlined. However, the rich results tool has been improved to support and test all types of markup supported by Google search.

With the Rich Results Test tool, testing various data sources like JSON-LD, RDFa and Microdata can now be supported.

structured data test tool to be deprecated

Structured data test tool to be deprecated alert

google rich results test tool

Rich result successful test result page with list of schemas

errors on rich results test tool

Errors encountered on page, along side list of javascript console errors.

What makes the Google Rich Results Test update so unique?

If you have been in the search space long enough, you would understand that this move is definitely worth the hype.

With the Rich Results Test, a unique feature would be its ability to identify, isolate and test code snippets within a page or test the URL of the entire page.

There are tons of schema structure out there, some of which aren’t utilized for Google rich snippets. The rich snippet testing tool helps narrow down the list to those that matter to google search results and also helps inform you if your page is eligible for rich snippet results

The way forward…

To avoid disrupting your workflow, a smooth transition from the structured data testing tool to using the Rich Results Test is very important.

As a site owner, what should be your next course of action? We can agree that having access to both tools isn’t quite necessary.

Although the structured data testing tool will still be available for a limited period of time, it will avail you the time to adjust to using the Rich Results Test.

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Release Source: Google blog


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