Hello, I’m Mackyclyde

I’m an SEO and conversion rate optimisation consultant. I specialise in helping SME’s and local businesses stay competitive in their niche.

Find out how I can help your business with my Freelance SEO services, Local SEO, CRO & content creation approach below.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Using a data driven approach, I can help you improve your on site conversion rate both on website and app.

  • I would ensure the right data points are properly setup.
  • Give recommendations on the best tracking tools to use.
  • Draw out and execute A/B test plans.

Content Creation

Presenting your content in the most engaging format to your audience is key to engagement. That is why I will do the following for you –

  • Carry out an extensive Keyword research
  • Draw out a content calendar
  • Deliver amazing content

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