Guide To Local SEO In Malaysia

The concept of local SEO and how to get started can be confusing from your typical SEO. I will guide you on some key concepts and information that you can utilise for your Local SEO campaigns in Malaysia or else where, in other to gain visibility both on Google Maps and visibility for local search intent.

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is optimizing for local 3-pack or organically to a local audience on the Search engine result page (SERP). Many users want to find products or services that are closest to them or narrowed down to a geographical location and would use modifiers like “near me” or “Malaysia” to further curate the results e.g SEO Malaysia, cafe in Bangsar e.t.c.

Your classic SEO would focus on organic visibility on a more broad / global audience.

Local 3 pack listing for search term SEO Malaysia

*Note: The Image above is not a good example of how to go about optimizing your GMB listing, because it’s against Google guideline. Your GMB listing naming should be the exact name of your business and not stuffed with keywords as seen above.

You can reports business violating that guideline by firstly suggesting an edit via the edit function on the GMB listing or reporting them directly to Google for repeat offenders.

3 Pack Listing For Search Term Bakery Cheras

*Note: The image above is a good example of business following the Google business account guideline.

How to start Local SEO

Looking to optimize your business for local SEO in Malaysia? OR get enhance your visibility on Google Maps? here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

Local keyword Research

If you are thinking of the keywords to target for local SEO specifically, then you are on the right track. Just like any SEO campaign, you need to do your keyword research and filter out keywords that match customer search intent and are inline with your business goals. If you don’t already know how to run a keyword research, check out this detailed keyword article. If you already know how-to get your money keyword, then this tool will help you find and track local keywords that trigger the 3-pack on Google SERP.

Local Business Account

First step to optimizing for Google Local SERP is creating a Google My Business (GMB)  account which is now renamed to Google business account. You can find a comprehensive guide on how to create a Google Business account here.

Remember not to create duplicate listings for your business in the same service area, because the possum update filters listing in the same location and chances are it might filter the better version of your business listing. Ensure you keep your Name, address, Phone number (NAP) consistent across all local directories and platforms you sign up for.

Draw out a plan to acquire brand mentions, citations and links from local community sites, news and websites in the niche. Mentions are vital for success in local businesses in the SERP.

Create a strategy to integrate GMB review acquisition into your customer journey. Reviews play a huge part in showing credibility of your business as it pertains to local SEO and is one of the ranking factors for local 3-pack. Ensure that you keep interaction with your customers by responding to their reviews and questions on your GMB listing.

Creating posts can help increase engagement with your business listing and the post types that drive the most conversions in terms of clicks are offers and events.

On-page Optimization

Create a page for each unique service area that you service.

Optimise your service pages to cater to local search engines. You can optimise your content and meta tags to utilise near me or variation other variations of near me or city modifiers, where applicable. E.G bakery near me, Florist Kuala Lumpur.

Add reviews from your clients on the page as well information relevant to the locations e.g city image.


Can I have a page for each service area?

Can I have a page for each service area? Yes, you can. Each service area should be distinct.

Can I have duplicate content across service areas?

Yes, you can as long as each area is unique. It improves traffic and conversions but it can be less effective in a competitive niche.

Where can I get help with Local SEO?

We provide local SEO services and would be more than happy to consult and guide you. You can reach out us here for Freelance SEO services or check out the Google My Business support forum for insights.

How much does local SEO cost?

The cost of local SEO package in Malaysia ranges from RM1000 to RM3000, Plus and add-on cost to acquire authoritative local citations and backlink at a range of RM2000 – RM3500 per campaign.

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