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Nnabuike Precious Mackyclyde SEO

 Nnabuike Precious is the founder of Mackyclyde where he provides SEO consultancy, conversion rate optimisation and digital marketing services. Nnabuike Precious frequently performs website audits to uncover bottlenecks and areas of improvement for better search visibility. Nnabuike experience spans across both local (Lelong, Mataris) and global companies(Lazada, GlassesGroupGlobal).

Supercharged with passion, Nnabuike believes that an understanding of the nuances of the digital ecosystem in its entirety is key in achieving optimal results and efficiencies in ROI and success.

 Nnabuike has a degree in computer science by the university of Greenwich and also spoke in the first ever Nigeria SEO virtual conference.

In his free time, he enjoys playing football, keeping abreast of the latest SEO developments, and blogging about all the wondrous things and experiences he encounters along the way of life.

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