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Hey, I’m Precious. I’m an SEO analyst and Digital marketing enthusiast, with experience servicing local and global companies. Also, enjoys creating optimized CX & UX.

I’m supercharged with passion and hunger to understand the nuances of the whole digital ecosystem and how each one of the channel plays a vital role.

Feel free to reach out for collaboration or questions in and around the digital space or SEO.

tryphena chin

Hi, I’m Tryphena. I’m a digital marketing executive by day and food enthusiast all day. Good reads about tech, pop culture and food keeps her going. Currently enjoys learning more about PC building, cooking, Skyrim and the Borderlands franchise.

I’m often fascinated with the way things are integrated with each other and is trying to learn as much as she can by asking people the hard questions that she could always easily google but didn’t want to.

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