Navigate And Label Mars Online With AI4Mars By NASA

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AI4Mars Tool By NASA

You don’t have to be a scientist to help NASA navigate its mars rover. NASA just launched a new program named AI4Mars, that allows anyone who is eager and has a computer to help label images which would help the mars rover avoid dangerous terrains.

Sadly, you can’t steer the Curiosity mars rover ( which is the most ideal scenario ). The AI4Mars tool shows you an image taken by the rover and you will have to label it when prompted. You label it by drawing a polygon around the area and then adding an appropriate labelling like soil, rocks e.t.c

A14Mars tool for labelling mars rover images

This is a way to get people to participate in Curiosity exploration and get a good view of the red planet.

With your help, NASA will be provided with a wide range of dataset. The data will be used to improve the rovers autonomous explorations.


A researcher from NASA described the project as ” You’ll be using your superior cognitive and artistic abilities to label images from the Curiosity Rover, collectively creating the first open-source navigation-classification dataset of the Red Planet. It will be used – like the cityscapes dataset – by teams to train rovers to understand Martian environments, laying the way for future missions to unlock the secrets of our nearest neighbor! ”

NASA’s also has its latest Perseverance Mars Rover set to launch on July 20, 2020. NASA would have to launch by new Mars Rover by August 15, or risk having to push the mission to 2022.

Check out the AI4Mars Tool Here

 3,665 View(s) Today

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