11 Malaysian Grocery Delivery Services You Should Try Out


Grocery deliveries have brought us, city folks, a huge amount of convenience. While many still enjoy taking their time browsing down the aisle, some simply don’t have the time. Thanks to grocery delivery services, we are still able to enjoy fresh and high quality products delivered to your doorstep without even break a sweat!


During the last few months in MCO here in Malaysia, I learn that online groceries stores and deliveries are the new way of enjoying life especially in Kuala lumpur! As someone that likes being home and far away from crowds, this is an underrated privilege that should be taken advantage of.


Tesco malaysia

Delivery is between RM6 and RM10

Tesco delivers everyday between 10am to 10pm with each slot being 2 hours. You start by booking a delivery slot and you can proceed to shop for what you need. Each delivery slot is between RM6 and RM10, depending on the time. Bookings can be made as early as 3 weeks in advance or as late as midnight the day before. If they run out of the items you want, they will offer up a replacement for it or you can opt to remove it from the order.


My Groser Malaysia

Remember the time where everywhere ran out of everything? Since there may be a possible MCO again, make sure you try out My Groser! They do same-day delivery, every day from 9am to 9pm! They also delivery on public holidays too so there is no need to panic! Make sure to make use of their free delivery for orders over RM100!


Jaya Grocer Malaysia

Their delivery service was suspended during MCO and good news, they’re back on now! Jaya Grocer is one of the most popular grocery stores in Klang Valley! Now you get to enjoy the same quality groceries without leaving the house. Their delivery fee base price is RM8. Additional charges will be calculated from the nearest Jaya grocer outlets to your delivery address. If you want your order now, you can also opt for On-Demand or Flexi delivery which will be processed and delivered to you if your order is placed between 10am to 9pm.


Mydin Malaysia


Similar to Tesco, Mydin also has 2 hour grocery delivery time slots between 10am to 8pm! The entire shopping process is just as easy. You pick a slot and just add everything you want to the cart and check out. Your orders can be delivered to you on the same day if you check out before 10am! Makes grocery shopping feel like a breeze. Also, do note that their delivery is only at selected postcodes only!


Happy Fresh Malaysia


Happyfresh has partnered with AEON and Giant and made our lives so convenient. They deliver daily between 10am to 9pm. This includes Public Holidays so we don’t have to fret! The delivery rate starts from RM!5 but it can differ depending on your delivery date, size of your order and delivery location. They charge RM 1 to every additional km outside of the normal coverage area.


Bigbox Asia Malaysia


Sometimes we run into the issue of our frozen produce defrosting while being delivered. Now with Bigbox Asia, we won’t need to worry anymore. Your usual groceries will be delivered as usual but they do send your frozen products over in a freezer truck! Their delivery usually takes 2 to 3 working days! So be sure to plan your delivery out! Their instant noodles jumbo pack discount was a big hit, check it out!


Redtick Malaysia


Don’t have a credit card or debit card? Redtick has got you covered. With Redtick, you can pay with cash on delivery. Redtick has over 10,000 types of groceries, from fresh produce to daily household products. If you’re outside of the Klang Valley, Redtick Plus will be the one to deliver your order to you. Just an FYI, Redtick Plus will only be delivering dry food, health and beauty items!


Tm farm Malaysia

During the MCO period, we must support local businesses. This is one of them! TM Farm is located in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang where the air is cool. They have been growing organic fruits and vegetables since 2009. Choose a month’s supply of fresh produces ranging from fruits, veggies and even chicken and they will deliver it to you every week! Check it out: Organic Asian Box, Organix Western Box, Free Range Kampung Chicken and Organic Fruit Box!


My Indian Grocery Malaysia

For those who are thinking of mastering the art of using herbs and spices, this is the place for you! My Indian Grocery has a large selection of herbs and spice that will level up your cooking and also other groceries that you need daily! Be sure to place your order before you need them as each order takes 3 to 5 working days to arrive.


Organic4u Malaysia


This is where you can get organic groceries! They deliver to the Klang Valley every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am to 6pm. Each delivery trip is RM20! For those who just want a bit of everything and you live in the Klang Valley, you can opt for their Organic Vege Bag. Your delivery for it will also be free!


Pgmall Malaysia


We all love a good deal! PG Mall has over 1000 products that you can get for a cheaper price on their website. There are ongoing sales called “Wow Sales” for selected brands. These sales can have discounts going up to 50% off. Their groceries have everything, from fresh food to frozen food and baking supplies. This is another option that you can try out!


Our Conclusion

Best online grocery shopping experience – Happy Fresh

Best online grocery delivery service for Frozen food – Bigbox Asia


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