LinkedIn seeing a 60% increase in content creation

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We are seeing a 60% increase in content creation on Linkedin from last year

Most people usually use social media as a way to communicate with people and share content of their interest. Now, people depend on it more than ever since most countries are in lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It is no surprise that LinkedIn is also one of the social networking sites that is experiencing a spike in content creation and a higher engagement rate since then.

We are seeing a 55% year-over-year increase in conversations among connections globally, since March 2019,” says Srividya Gopani, Director of Brand and Consumer Marketing at LinkedIn during his interview with Social Samosa. “Members are increasingly reacting, commenting, resharing and replying to comments as they look to reconnect with their network and share advice and tips that can help them navigate this novel working environment together.

There has also been a 60% year-over-year increase in content creation on LinkedIn (March. 2019 vs. March 2020).”

content creation on linkedin

Most Linkedin users are making use of their time by taking online courses. Gopani says that LinkedIn has reached 4 million hours of watch time only in March alone. People have also been engaging more with each other, sharing useful blog posts and articles to keep the spirits up.

In April, LinkedIn reported a 165% increase in “Work From Home” content and 28% increase in Covid-19 posts, both in the Asia Pacific zones. This shows that people are paying attention to what is being posted now!

Personally, I believe LinkedIn is underrated, underused and should be included a lot more in a company’s content strategy and content creation for online platforms.

Most companies use their LinkedIn profiles and status updates as an extension of their website. This could be a great tool to keep a lookout for new partnerships and future employees. Marketers should definitely keep an eye out for this platform!

For us, the LinkedIn users, our LinkedIn profile acts as a second resume. We get to put our work experience in our profile, learn new skills through online classes and share content that allows potential connections and employers to get to know us better professionally.

It’s also packed with “fresh-out-of-oven” news, helpful guides and tips for work and encouragement from LinkedIn users all around the world.

Use more LinkedIn!

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