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You can now directly launch Facebook’s newest video chat option, Facebook Messenger Room from the Instagram DMs.


Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms to Facebook and Messenger just last month. It was only available on those platforms up until now!


What is Facebook Rooms?


It is a new way for people to hang out with each other on video chat with no time limit! Each room can hold up to 50 people per room and rooms can be accessible by just a shared link. 


All you need to do is just to start a room on Facebook, Messenger or Instagram and send the shared link to participants! The shared link allows people to join the room even without a Facebook account. All rooms are open to everyone and you can pop in into the room from your News Feed, Events and so on. Of course, if you want the room to be made private, that’s possible too! As the owner of the room, you will be able to manage your guest list and decide who can see your room on Facebook, Messenger or Instagram!


How to create a room on Instagram?


  1. Just click on the video chat icon on the top right corner of your DMs on Instagram.


  1. You will be given the option to “Create a room” 
  2. After creating the room, you can now invite people by sharing the room link 


Again, you don’t need to have a Facebook account to join the rooms. So, people you connected with on Instagram will not be stopped from joining your room!



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the time spent on group video chats has increased 1000% in the recent weeks during their latest earnings call. This is most likely the main reason for Facebook’s speedy expansion of their video chat features. With the current worldwide social distancing because of the Covid-19, most people depend on video chats to keep in contact with their loved ones. Most features (no time limit, room pax of 50) announced for Facebook Messenger Rooms seem to just be for the sake of competing with the ever popular Zoom. Messenger Room bypasses a lot of the limitations that Zoom is having. Eg. limit of 40 mins if you have more than 2 people in a chat. 


Let’s see if Facebook Messenger Room exceeds expectations in the long run!


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