Breakdown Of Some of The Best Delivery Services In Malaysia

Without reliable courier services, there wouldn’t be those satisfying unboxing videos.

We decided to put together a comprehensive list of our top performing courier services in Malaysia.

We’ve laid them down with their unique differentiator and contact information. 

1. Poslaju

Poslaju is the leading and oldest domestic courier service company with the widest network coverage in Malaysia. They started in 1986 and currently have over 1000 outlets nationwide. It is safe to say there is an outlet just a stone throw away from you. Making it so easy and convenient for you to shave something delivered.

 Moreover, you can monitor your letters and parcels very easily through their website or their mobile app, available both on the Android and IOS devices.

poslaju courier services


Next Day Delivery, Same Day Delivery (Limited to coverage area in Klang valley), Time Certain Service, Pos Parcel, Pos Ekspres/Xpress Drop & International Delivery.
Pickup / Delivery FlexibilityStandard pick up and delivery.
PricingCheck out their updated domestic pricing here.

Poslaju often run domestic promotions that offer a good amount of savings if you frequently send parcels. Do check out their promotions.


They currently integrate to a few content management systems such as Bizapp and Shopify. Other integrations like Magento and WordPress are said to be on the way.

Random InsightThey have a mail delivery option Resources for The Blind. They mail books or magazines to the blind in braille.

2. Gdex

Gdex is often used by big E-commerce websites like The company was established in 1997 and now they have  over 150 outlets in both Malaysia and Singapore. They offer the usual range of courier services like next-day delivery, same day delivery, international delivery and so on. 

The special thing about Gdex is that they offer early delivery or late pick up for those whose time is not as flexible. There is no mention about business perks, however, they have a very competitive pricing across the board.

gdex courier service


 Next Day Delivery, Same Day Delivery, Diplomatic Service, Bulk Service, Reverse Charge Service, COD service & International Delivery
Pickup / Delivery FlexibilityOption available for late pickup and early deliveries.
PricingCheck out their domestic pricing calculator here.
PromotionsThey have a promotion section, but as of time of checking, there was no active promotion. 

gdex sample pricing


They have Integration capabilities to CMS like Woocommerce, Magento and Opencart. An API platform is also available for integration, coupled with proper documentation.

Random Insight: You can become a Gdex agent if you meet the requirement outlined and earn extra income.

3. DHL

DHL is one of the most established brands worldwide, offering one of the best courier services. They deliver their cargo domestically and internationally by air, ocean, road and even trail, with insurance! Your shipment’s insurance will be charged according to their value.

On top of that, their services can be tailored according to your needs. This will prove to be very useful if you’re a business owner, so you might want to check them out!

dhl courier service


Standard Delivery, Express Delivery & International Delivery. They have a new division called “DHL E-commerce” that strives to provide ecommerce businesses with value added services like COD system and better pricing.
Pickup / Delivery FlexibilityStandard pick up and delivery.
PricingYou can get a free quote here.
PromotionsThere is no mention of promotion. Word on the street is that their frequent shippers get some promotion every now and then.


They have an open API platform as well as other CMS systems like Shopify, Woocommerce e.t.c

Random Insight: They provide next day delivery for shopee users that use their courier service in Malaysia via the Shopee platform.

4. J&T Express

J&T is another express courier service in Malaysia that has a lot of drop points and operates 365 days a year. They also have a user-friendly application that makes it easier for you to track your packages in real time!

There is an option to register a VIP account. As a VIP member, you can enjoy low shipping with high rebates and premium courier services. They also have a dedicated 24 hour customer service hotline which is always great to have!

j&t courier service


Standard Delivery, Express Delivery & International Delivery.
Pickup / Delivery FlexibilityStandard pick up and delivery.
PricingCheck out their domestic pricing calculator here.
PromotionsThey have tons of promotions year round. You can catch the details on their homepage banner.

j&t malaysia pricing sample


They have Integration to webstores and CMS like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and have API documentation available.

5. Skynet

Skynet was established all the way back in 1972, making it one of the oldest courier companies with the most extensive air cargo network in the world. Currently it has over 60 outlets in Malaysia and have made a name for themselves in the ecommerce courier services space.

They also have extended service hours and weekend and holiday service which is so great for people with rigid schedules. They also have Skycover and Marine Insurance for both shipment and cargo! For E-commerce platforms, Skynet provides them tools like inventory and stock control as well as return product solutions for lower shipping rates and faster shipping times!

skynet courier service

Services Standard Delivery, Diplomat Service, Packaging Services, Priority & Security Handling, Reverse Charge.
Pickup / Delivery Flexibility They provide a extended service hours, including weekend pickups.
PricingCheck out their domestic pricing calculator here.
PromotionsPromotions when available, can be seen on the home page of their website.

skynet pricing sample


They have an open API platform available.

Summary: 5 Best courier Services in Malaysia 2022

CourierKnown For
1. PoslajuHome grown local and international parcel delivery
2. GdexExpress courier for local and International parcels.
3. DHLReliable document and parcel shipping internationally
4. J&T Express365 days domestic and Singapore Delivery
5. SkynetFlexible drop off and delivery service.

The above list is a service comparison of courier services in Malaysia. For an in-depth Pricing comparison, you can use a pricing aggregator like Easy Parcel or Site Giant.

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