7 Things You Need to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Online

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Thinking of how to celebrate New Year’s Eve  Online ? We got you.


2020 has certainly been an extraordinary year for everyone. While some of us might have enjoyed the solitude and quiet that came with quarantine and social distancing, many others have missed the social interactions we used to take for granted, including large social gatherings to celebrate festivals and occasions.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like restrictions will be lifted during the holiday season this year. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy the festivities – it just means we should do so in a socially responsible manner.


As with most things these days, we would probably be celebrating the new year online. With this in mind, let’s look at seven key things you need to host an awesome New Year’s Eve party online.


new year's eve party online


  1. Pick the right online platform

There are many online platforms for virtual meetings, including Zoom, Skype, Discord and Facebook Messenger. Make sure to pick the right one for your party, depending on factors like the number of people attending. Zoom allows up to 100 participants, while Skype and Facebook Messenger only allow up to 50 participants. The type of activities that you have planned for your party guests could also affect the choice of platform – for instance, Discord would be ideal for video game live streaming.


Another important point to consider is how long the party will be – for users subscribing to the Basic plan for Zoom, there is a time limit of 40 minutes per meeting with three or more total participants. Skype has a limit of 100 hours per week, while Facebook Messenger does not impose any time limit.  Lastly, it is also useful to be aware of the fact that calls on Zoom and Facebook Messenger are not end-to-end encrypted.


  1. Send out a mass virtual invite

After picking out the right platform for your party, the next step would be to send out the invites. This could be done in the form of a calendar invite on Google Calendar, or a simple group message on a group chat on Whatsapp. Take it up a notch and create personalised invites for the party with Canva.


  1. Decorate for the occasion

Just because celebrations are online, doesn’t mean that one should skip decorations altogether. After all, what is a party without the fun decorations? For starters, a good virtual background could help to set the mood. Click here for New Year Eve’s party virtual backgrounds or browse Zoom’s extensive catalogue of virtual backgrounds here.


In addition to virtual backgrounds, consider getting some party hats or confetti poppers for a fun evening. Even better, take the extra time to make your own New Year’s Eve ball drop to kick start the new year with your friends and family.


  1. Prepare a delicious menu for the party

Everyone might be physically apart, but food can connect us all. Do up a virtual menu, which participants can replicate in their own kitchens at home. It would be fun to see everyone’s own renditions of the dishes, and you might get a couple of good recipes in the process too!


Alternatively, food delivery is certainly another option. If guests are staying in the vicinity, you could even make a bulk order. We’ve previously written an article on top food delivery services in Kuching.


  1. Party games to keep spirits up

A good way to connect online would be to play games. With so many virtual meetings and gatherings being held on a daily basis, it can feel repetitive. A dash of competitiveness and adrenaline is definitely welcome to spice up the party. From Cards Against Humanity to Bingo to Pictionary, you’d be spoilt for choice.


  1. Watch a movie together

Perhaps your crowd is a cosier bunch who would rather be watching a holiday movie, with a glass of wine in hand. Host a watch party for your guests with Netflix Party, or watch the Ball Drop at Times Square live, via the webcast.


NYE music playlist 2020

  1. Curate a party playlist

Last but not least, now that you’ve sent out the invitations, gotten the decorations, finalised the menu and planned a whole range of fun activities, you’re missing just one key thing – a playlist that’d get your guests on their feet. Look back on 2020’s greatest hits with Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped, or reminisce the beginning of 2020 with Spotify’s New Years’ 2020 playlist or digster.fm’s New Year’s Eve Party or Sandra’s house New Year’s Eve playlist.


You could also make it a collaborative effort, and tune into the same playlist simultaneously with friends and family using Spotify’s Group Session feature. Simply “Start a group session” on the app, then share the invite link with your guests or have them scan the Spotify code to join the session.


What are you waiting for? Start planning for your New Year’s Eve party now! After all, such an eventful year certainly deserves an epic send-off. May 2021 be kind to us all.


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